Please take note of the following Williams Subaru Rental program policies:

  • Daily mileage limit: 125 miles. Mileage that exceeds an average of 125 miles per day is subject to a excess mileage fee of $50 per 0-125 mile overage. (For example, if your rental is 2 days, total mileage from 0-250 would not incur a fee. If total mileage was 251 - 376, a fee of $50 would be charged. If total mileage was 377 - 502, a fee of $100 would be charged.)
  • You may notice a $300 charge or hold on your credit card at the time of rental pickup. This is in addition to your rental fee and will be refunded at the time of rental return, pending a quality inspection. 
  • If you reside outside North Carolina or South Carolina, you are required to use a major credit card for the rental fee (debit cards will not be accepted)

  • If you reside inside the Carolinas you may use a debit card, but must provide proof of residency at time of rental (paystub, utility bill, insurance card, etc.) Address on proof must match address on state issued driver's license. If you use a major credit card, corroborating proof of residency is not required.